I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

May 30, 2009

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Today I will be joining a couple of my regulars and Beth for an afternoon at beer fest! I only started to enjoy beer about three years ago when I went to Ireland for the first time (it is pretty much mandatory over there) so I would say I have developed enough of a taste for it to rock it fest style. I heard that pumphouse has a station there so I figure I will at least have the ol’ blueberry beer. YUM! It shall be a shit show to say the least. Have a lovely Saturday folks! 





where were you? February 26, 2009

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Lauren and Matt originally introduced me to this comedian back in the Fall while I was in Montreal and this is my favorite skit by far! Last night I showed it to Miss Francis and Jay and they seemed to really enjoy it, we had a case of the giggles. Sarah and I made homemade blizzards with soy ice cream and organic cookies (freaking amazing!). We also drank beer and watched some 30 rock. Such a good night. I managed to pass out around midnight..life of the party but I have to run the ol’ bar today so that worked out well.