I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

KINGS!!! September 29, 2010

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Just under three weeks until the new album is released. So excited! 


September 27, 2010

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My Mom just informed me that David (my brother in law) is moving my sister Shauna and their precious baby Haneefa to Toronto. Mama Parls, Shannon and I are completely gutted. I know that Shauna wanted to move home so this seems totally out of left field. I do not get to see them enough now, let alone when they move to Ontario. Sad sad sad…


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September 22, 2010

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two years later this is still one of my favorite videos to watch and one of the best kings’ interviews I have seen. 

on a side note, Caleb got engaged on the weekend… tear in my beer.  Matthew, call me…or Sarah? ha.


Ben Affleck.

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this is for you, Beth! 



September 20, 2010

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my dearest and oldest friends: Miss Karen Gillis! 

Have an absolutely marvelous day/evening.  Hope to see you soon! Lots of love oxox