I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

September 2, 2009

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Two weeks from today Sarah and I will be seeing these lovely gentlemen in Montreal! Not only I am ridiculously excited to see the boys again but I can not wait to see one of my all time favorite people. Life in the Moncton area  has just not been the same without her. We are going to four KOL shows and her lovely sister will be joining us for two of them and our dear friend Megan will be coming along for the Ottawa show. So much excitement! I am also going to Montreal a couple days early to catch up with some pals and explore the city that I have not seen since I moved away that cold December day. I will also be staying in Toronto for a few days after KOL mania, so I will be able to spend some more time with Sarah and another close friend, the  fabulous Katie Richard.

On another note, two of my besties are also leaving the area. Miss Karen Gillis is heading to Halifax to start a new adventure and I wish her all the luck in the world. Warning: I shall be visiting as soon as I can. Miss Julie Tancock is taking off to a place in which I regret I will not be able to hop in a car and visit her, Taiwan. She is going to teach for the year and I shall miss her crazy antics like nobody’s business. It was lovely having you stay with my fam for the last couple of weeks. Safe travels, lady loves!


2 Responses to “”

  1. sarah Says:

    when i think about this i start to shake with excitement. aghhhh! so soon! reunion!

  2. Jules Says:

    Awww Sheens! I just read this. I’m sorry I’m so late. But I appreciate the shout out none the less!!
    It was awesome staying with you for the last couple of weeks before I left! It was perfect in fact!
    I love you very much!
    And miss you like WOAH!
    I would love to have a video date soon. Do you have Skype my friend??


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