I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

where were you? February 26, 2009

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Lauren and Matt originally introduced me to this comedian back in the Fall while I was in Montreal and this is my favorite skit by far! Last night I showed it to Miss Francis and Jay and they seemed to really enjoy it, we had a case of the giggles. Sarah and I made homemade blizzards with soy ice cream and organic cookies (freaking amazing!). We also drank beer and watched some 30 rock. Such a good night. I managed to pass out around midnight..life of the party but I have to run the ol’ bar today so that worked out well.


February 25, 2009

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I started looking for a warning sign.

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oh god, so amazing. 

53 days.


you don’t know how lovely you are.

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Sarah and I were discussing this track this evening. One of the most touching and beautiful songs of all time.

I have a huge knot in my stomach.


you won’t be fooled by this. February 24, 2009

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I don’t want to say goodbye, but it’s all that I have to say.

It was great while it lasted, real good. We tried to make it work but I just can not do it anymore. I am not ok. It comes down to the fact that I do not trust you anymore. What we had is evidently ruined and there is really nothing more to say except that I hope it was worth it.


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The Boys were decked out in Burberry at the Brit awards last week and they were looking mighty fine! They picked up two awards for international album and international group. This seems to be the year for them with their Grammy win a couple weeks back and the fact that they will be in the presence of Sarah, Lil P and I this April, ha!

oh Nathan, you are so funny.


Marc, I love you.

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Marc Jacobs is pretty much a god. I was looking through the lines for Fall 2009 and I tried to pick one or two looks for my favorite designers, but when it came to Marc it was impossible. The Marc by Marc Jacobs line I was not so keen on but the “Marc Jacobs” line is to die for. Those jackets with the shoulder pads and detailing, HELLO! Inspiration to the max! Enjoy.