I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

you won’t be fooled by this. February 24, 2009

Filed under: life — missparlee @ 3:10 pm

I don’t want to say goodbye, but it’s all that I have to say.

It was great while it lasted, real good. We tried to make it work but I just can not do it anymore. I am not ok. It comes down to the fact that I do not trust you anymore. What we had is evidently ruined and there is really nothing more to say except that I hope it was worth it.


7 Responses to “you won’t be fooled by this.”

  1. Genevieve. S Says:

    And where a you going?

  2. missparlee Says:

    just removing myself from a situation!

  3. Genevieve. S Says:

    Because I don’t want to lose you!

  4. missparlee Says:


  5. Lauren Says:

    in need of some updatin’

  6. Jules Says:

    Good for you.

  7. missparlee Says:

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