I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

now I just dream about floating away. January 22, 2009

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‘weighty ghost’ live at SXSW


I have been in full wintersleep mode over the last couple of days. Lil P and I checked out their show at George’s roadhouse in Sackville and it was wicked good times! I got a tad nostalgic when the guys played ‘assembly lines’ from their debut album, brought me back to the days of shows at ‘the bank’ in Saint John and ‘elwood’s’ in Freddy. The show was followed with good chats and tequila shots with the guys. We both got a drum stick from Loel which for some reason I felt very awkward about, but I figured I need one for my mini collection. Tonight, Shannon and I are heading to Freddy to see them at the SUB cafeteria and we will be joined by the lovely couple Hools and Mercer, should be a very good time indeed. I believe this will be 36th time seeing them ( I like to go all out!) I am hoping to hear ‘search party’ ‘laser beams’ ‘a long flight’ and ‘avanlanche’ this evening, along with others of course, but it is just that I have not heard the last two in at least 2 years and ‘search party’ and ‘laser beams’ are my favs off the new album. Tomorrow, a bunch of us will be checking the guys out here in Moncton at the U de M campus bar L’Osmose. Come on down!


tour video.

this makes me smile..a lot.


6 Responses to “now I just dream about floating away.”

  1. Jess Says:

    I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! Do you know when you’ll get to the Osmose tomorrow? I’ll probably be there around 9 since I don’t want to miss the first band:)
    I watched the second video:
    drooool. So.. normal and beautiful!

  2. missparlee Says:

    I know!!!! I love that video. Such hilarious guys.
    I am thinking about going around 9:30-10!
    Can not wait to see you too xoxo

  3. Lauren Says:

    That video was adoreeeble!

  4. Julie-Anne Says:

    Jessie! Don’t go at 9!
    You’ll probably be alone there. xD
    The doors open around 9, yes, but the show will most likely start around 11 (so says Pascal, who’s basically one of those who made this happen).
    I will try to be there around 10:30 to make sure I don’t miss anything.
    I’m exciteeeed!

    See you both there!

  5. Julie-Anne Says:

    Also, I love the bears.

  6. Jess Says:

    I read that last night! So I probably wont be there before 10 hehe

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