I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

November 17, 2010

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After having this blog for over two years I have decided to get a tumblr. Many of my close friends have blogs on there so it is much easier to stalk them all that way. I will probably not be updating this blog anymore so please come check out my new one: missparlee.tumblr.com

Lots of love, Sheena xo



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London. 2007.


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This had to be one of the WORST print ads I have ever seen. I feel sick to my stomach!


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NOOOOOOO! Prince William is getting married. My childhood/teenage dreams have been crushed!

Harry is much better looking these days anyway and kind of a rebel.


(No, I am not insane)


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Had a dream last night that Sarah, Katie and I were at a Celtic festival in Nova Scotia somewhere and Mumford and Sons were present. They were not playing music but rocking out to the many bands including Arcade Fire (quite the Celtic festival eh?). Marcus Mumford was very short, about 5’5 and had the sweetest dance moves. The dream ended with a group of about 15 teenagers throwing rocks at the boys. What do you think that means? haha.


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mid-way through and I am loving it.